Apache Laminators are designed for all your lamination projects. We offer various size laminators for every need, wether you need a small home version or large industrial machine, we have a laminator just right for your intended use.

The new Apache AL9 laminator features an extremely sleek 3.3" profile. The overall product dimensions are 14.2x6.3x1.5". Yet despite its small size, the AL9 includes the features of much larger laminator costing several times the price. The AL9 heats up quickly and is ready to use in less than 1 minute and laminates at a speed of 400mm/min.

Apache AL9B / AL9W  9" Thermal Laminator

The Apache AL13 Laminator provides a full 13" (33 cm) laminating bed capable of laminating standard letter sized documents sideways in less than one minute. This laminator offers a full-heat dual silicone roller system for crystal clear, bubble-free output. Use this laminator to protect or enhance important documents and photos.

Apache AL13B / AL13W  13" Thermal Laminator

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Apache AL25P 25" Professional Cold Press Laminator

This lamination system is non-electric. There is no waiting for warm-up, and no heat or irritating odors! Why a cold laminating system? If you plan to laminate a product that was printed with wax-based ink, a product that has a rough texture, or a product that has high moisture content (such as photographs), you may want to consider using a pressure-sensitive laminating process. Just look at the list of features, advantages, and benefits this type of lamination has over the other, heat-based laminating machines.

Apache AL13P 13" Professional Laminator

The AL13P is a professional model offering both adjustable rollers and adjustable temperature.  This allows the user to customize the machine to a much wider range of projects.  The AL13P is also built mostly of steel, has four very large rollers, uses a heavier duty motor and heating element and is capable of running for thousands of laminations.  However, becoming familiar with the machine’s operation and use of its features can take some time for the new user.  Additionally, the AL13P is heavy, takes up more desk space, and takes longer to set up and achieve stable temperatures.  If you only laminate occasionally, have a limited number of laminations, and only laminate standard paper in standard pouches, you may find an Apache home or light office model more convenient.


The Apache AL13P is the smallest laminator in Apache’s Professional line.  The unit is constructed of mostly steel and weighs nearly 16 lbs.  It has a 13” laminating bed but the overall units is 20” wide and requires a desktop footprint of approximately 22x30” for operation.  The zinc-plated steel base plate alone weighs nearly 4lb but provides the necessary stability for the four large and heavy rollers.


The AL13P features four large tension-adjustable rollers made from galvanized silicone.  The rollers have four, tension-adjustment screws mounted on the bottom of the unit.  The tension adjustment screws control the pressure between the rollers to accommodate a wider variety of laminating product.  There is a reverse control to reverse the direction of the rollers.


The AL13P features adjustable temperature control from room temperature to 390 Degrees Fahrenheit.  A large and bright, blue LED display reads the current set temperature.


Most single temperature laminators are set somewhere between 240 and 300 degrees.  The higher operating temperatures of the AL13P allow for lamination of thicker projects and pouches up to 7mil.


Additionally, the higher and lower operating temperatures for the AL13P allow for colder wet laminating and hotter toner transfer laminating.


The unit can achieve laminating temperatures in just a few minutes, but given the size of the bed and the rollers, fully stable temperatures are achieved after about 20 minutes at a constant temperature setting.


The motor functions with the temperature set to 0 for room temperature or cold, pressure-only laminating.


The AL13P comes with a 20 pack of Apache 5 and 3 mil laminator pouches (10 of each thickness).


Apache provides a one year manufacture’s warranty for the AL13P.


This model AL18P laminator is an A3 class laminator which is also designed to accept a standard 8 ½ x 11" sheet of paper sideways for quicker lamination. It is made from a rugged steel design, suitable for heavy duty use. This unit can help protect your documents and photos from wear, tear, liquids, and humidity along with preserve and enhance your presentation documents. For your sensitive projects and photos this laminator has the ability to be used for cold lamination processes. To use for cold lamination simply set the machine to room temperature, open the top cover and then proceed with the lamination process.

Apache AL18P 18" Professional Laminator


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